Let’s Go!

Habakkuk 2: 2

Then the LORD answered me and said, “Write down the vision and inscribe it clearly on tablets, so that one who reads it may run.”

Do you have a vision? Do you have pictures in your mind of things you would like to see come to pass? If so, great! Let’s bring them to maturity. Perhaps you began this month with some goals, dreams or objectives. It may be time to renew plans. Either way, step one is to write those things down.

January is almost done, but it is not too late to put some energy into those thoughts you had on January 1st. One of the best things we can do is to put those ambitions before our eyes. Have you ever made a dream board? Maybe now is the time. What is it that you truly want? What do you want badly enough that you are willing to get out of bed a half hour earlier? What are you truly passionate about? If you don’t have a passion, think about it a little. What do you love? What would you do if you knew it was possible? Life is a great gift. Let’s live it to the fullest.

Find some pictures of that thing you want or objective you would like to reach. What does it look like to have accomplished your goal. What will you look like. Will the attainment of some big goal look different on you? Will you gain a new level of confidence?

We saw last week that Jesus is willing to give us that for which we ask. He said, we don’t ask but that we should. It is early in the year. If you aren’t where you wanted to be by this point in January, no worries. Let’s pick ourselves up and begin again. Who says January first is the only time we can set ambitious goals. I say, today is the day. Let’s get excited about our lives and live fully.

Write down what it is that you really want. Put it in front of your eyes so that you are constantly reminded. Don’t let that dream slip away from you. Jesus is ready and willing. Father is waiting to partner with you and the Holy Spirit is standing on GO. Write the vision, make it plain and then run with it! This year can be our best ever without regard to anything that has gone before. You deserve it, God wants it so let’s go!

Read and Review

Habakkuk 2: 2

Write down the vision and inscribe it clearly on tablets, so that one who reads it may run.

It is now a month since January 1st. Hopefully you wrote down some goals and have been pursuing them. It is time to go back and look at what you wrote down.

In this verse, God tells the listener to write down the vision. There is a second part, though. It is recorded so that it can be read. We have to go back and review the words God has given us and we need to do it frequently. Some of our goals develop into plans of action and then come forward into our daily activities. Perhaps you write them on your calendar in the daily to do items or track them on a monthly calendar. Regardless, we must have a way to track the pursuit of the goal. Are we taking the necessary steps, daily, which will lead to the attainment of our goals? Of course, if one of your goals was to read your Bible daily, then, obviously that is a daily activity and easily tracked. Other goals may not lend themselves to daily accounting as easily and this is where we must apply the second part of today’s verse. We need to make sure we are reviewing our goals daily so that we are in pursuit of our desired end result.

I wrote one down on January 5th that I fully intended to do. However, I was still in the process of setting and refining my goals and never got it transferred to a daily action item. Fourteen days later, I reviewed my written goals and realized I had let this one slip right through the cracks. Setting goals usually means we are initiating new patterns, things outside our normal habits. It is so easy to follow habitual patterns and not even see where a goal is being missed, even when we are sincere about that goal.

Big goals must be broken down into actionable items. The ones that happen daily are a bit easier to track than the ones that are only a weekly item. Here is what I am doing to help myself. I am writing my to do’s down on a monthly calendar and then I highlight that day when I have accomplished them. I also am journaling which gives me a place to write out my thoughts about why I might not have done all items for a day. The printed monthly calendar creates a picture. You can use multiple colors to indicate different items and also different indicators for completion or days you didn’t get it done. At the end of the week, you can see where you succeeded and which areas might need more attention. It is a very easy way to see, at a glance, if things are proceeding as planned.

I am sure you have some other good ideas of how to keep your goals and to do’s in front of you. Click the link below and share them with the group.

Goal Setting

Habakkuk 2: 2

“Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.”

This verse is the anchor pin of a good goal setting seminar. God told the people that he was going to give them a message in the form of a vision. He then instructed them to write down the vision so that the person who reads it might be able to “run with it.” That language is used in the figurative sense. God wanted it written down so that it would not be forgotten and so that it could be reviewed systematically. He wanted it written in plain language so that it could be clearly understood by all and so they could aggressively go after the goal. God was teaching here as well. He is telling us today to write down the vision he gives us; the vision for our goals, future and calling. Having written it down, review it daily. When we do so, it is easier to daily pursue our dreams and goals. You’ve got to have it written down and in front of your eyes in order to keep you on target for the big things God has for you.