In the Beginning

John 1: 1

In the beginning was the Word.

As I journey through life, I find there are few people who don’t need healing in some part of their body. This Word of the Day devotional actually began because of this truth. In 2006 my father died of cancer. Within months of his passing, my brother was diagnosed with cancer. I knew immediately that he needed to hear what the Lord had to say about healing.

As you are undoubtedly aware, there is a great deal of misinformation and confusion out there about God’s will and thoughts on healing. When we, or a loved one becomes sick, we turn to prayer relying on God’s mercy to save us. At the same time, I frequently hear people accrediting their sickness to God. That is schizophrenic at best. Why should we pray to the one responsible for our sickness for relief from same? Yet, this incorrect theology plagues the church. When people die, some attribute their passing to God thinking it must be God’s will even though the Bible says differently. It is clear from these statements and ideas that we are confused about God’s position on healing, health, life and death.

In 2006 when my brother received his diagnosis, I thought to send him a list of verses on healing. My first thought was just to send the list of verse citations like Proverb 4: 22, Jeremiah 30: 17 etc. I had a Word document with the healing verses listed. No sooner had the thought formed in my mind, though, than I came to understand how overwhelming a long list of citations could be. So, I quickly revised my plan to sending one citation a day. Instantly I realized that to make the Word meaningful, I must make it accessible, so I decided to type out the verse itself rather than just sending the cite. Okay, I was on the right path. However, I couldn’t finish that thought before this other one occurred to me; my brother was not the only person who needed to have the healing scriptures. Then I realized that lots of folks had some ache or illness that needed the touch of God. So, the epiphany was in full bloom, finally. I would send a healing verse, one a day, typed out with the verse citation to anyone who wanted to receive them. Thus, the Word of the Day was born.

As I type this, I am both reminiscent of those early revelations and aware there are new ones coming to light even as I type. Clearly, this is about God’s desire to heal His children, but in that brief story, I, you, we, see how He speaks to us. That entire idea about sending the healing verses, even with all its revisions probably took less than one minute to come to me. Even as one iteration began to be revealed, the next one was awakening. God took me to His desired end in a matter of seconds even though my brain had to go through a sequence of ideas. Further, the ideas did not have to develop into full sentences like one would speak them. No, it was more like they flashed, fully formed, onto the screen of my mind. I saw them in an instant and then the Father moved on. I guess it might have been more like a very quick slide show. As soon as I grasped the idea or image, He moved to the next. It is a lesson in God communication. He can transfer tomes of revelation to us in a moment. Also, even though the ideas were “like” sentences to me, the message really was visual. I find that fascinating. Yahweh knows I am more of a linguist than artist, so He used words to paint the picture on my mind’s canvas. Amazing!

I hope you have enjoyed this story, but I have additional purpose for bringing it to you today. This introduces a new series we will begin. It is a series on healing combined with some attendant faith scriptures which are necessary for applying our faith for healing. I will be trusting the Lord each day for a fresh, anointed message on each scripture which is full of His revelation on healing. I expect Him to tell us things we haven’t known before. This is a personal series and not intended for your intellect. This series is meant for integration with your spirit. I pray these verses and the explanations Father provides will bless every hearer of the Word. This may be a good time to invite someone to the Word of the Day. Who do you know that could benefit from hearing God’s Word on healing?

State of Being

Jeremiah 30: 17

“For I will restore you to health and I will heal you of your wounds,” declares the Lord.

There are many healing verses and stories in the Bible. The aspect of this one that is useful is that it addresses wounds. In this verse, God does not only contemplate illness, but injuries as well. If you have an injury rather than a sickness, you may like this verse.

Our bodies were designed for health and healing. They were engineered by Yahweh to heal. I can prove it to you. Have you ever had a paper cut? Do you still have it? What happened? Did you have to go to the doctor and have it sutured? Did you even put medicine on it? Why is that important? Some people, especially people who feel “old”, expect to keep any dis-ease they develop. They just say, “Oh, I guess I will have to take medicine for this the rest of my life.” Well, it’s time to stop guessing and be Christ led, i.e. make your thoughts and words agree with Jesus.

God said he would restore you to health. Why then should we accept injuries, wounds and sickness as a state of being? The state God recognizes in this verse is “health.” When He said He would restore us, because of the implication of the word restore, God intends to put us back in the state we should be in. He will “restore” us to “as we should be.” Surely, the first phrase of this verse relates to any kind of disturbance in our health.

The verse goes on to include restoration from wounds, and I like to mentally include the word “injuries.” We can be restored from injuries and that is important to consider, even ponder. Not only can we be restored but it is God’s intention. He is a healing God. While most of us recognize that, few of us truly expect Him to visit healing upon our bodies.

Shake the cobwebs off your brain and begin to expect, even require, God not to be a liar. If He said it, then let us expect Him to be true to His word. Our unbelief is all that is stopping Him. He has made His will clear. Now, let’s get in agreement with Him and get healed. Be restored to full health in Jesus’ name!

Dr. Yahweh

Jeremiah 30: 17

For I will restore you to health and I will heal you of your wounds, declares the Lord.

It is never too late to walk in the healing that the Lord has prepared for you. It is certainly never too late to start declaring that your God, your Father, is a God of healing and health. In these times it seems there is some catastrophic illness around every corner. Every winter it seems that there is a new flu that threatens to decimate the human population. In these times, know that our God is a God who heals and who provides health. Even once you have become sick or injured, He is still on the job to heal you. He is a God of restoration. He can take what is broken and mend it. He can restore the diseased and infirm to wholeness. That is the essence of what He has for us, wholeness. He wants to put you into a place where no sickness, disease or lack of any kind is permitted to deprive you. And do not forget that He heals wounds as well as curing sickness. He heals all wounds, even emotional ones. He will remove the scars from you and restore you to the condition that you enjoyed prior to the injury.

For your part, you must first believe that He is a God who heals. Then you invite him to be the Lord over your physical and emotional health. Give to him all the damage in your body and soul. Pray asking Him to heal all of the injured parts of your body and life. If you will let him, he really will meet you at your point of need. He is love and He loves you dearly. He wants to help you with the problems that vex you. Expect Him to do just that and leave the door open for Him to heal you.


Jeremiah 30: 17                  Index Card 10

For I will restore you to health and I will heal you of your wounds.

This is one of my favorite healing verses because it speaks of wounds. That one word expands healing in my mind. Healing is not limited to disease and sickness. God will even heal our wounds and injuries. That is an important distinction for me.

When I was young I played sports and I suffered some injuries. Those injuries have plagued me throughout my life. Imagine my delight to find out that God is able and willing to heal injuries and wounds as well as diseases, but then I guess in reality an injury causes a great deal of dis-ease if we think of the word in its most literal terms.

So, if you have old injuries or wounds, realize that God provided for your healing thousands of years ago. We don’t have to carry these injuries the rest of our lives. Isn’t that great news?