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John 1: 1

In the beginning was the Word.

As I journey through life, I find there are few people who don’t need healing in some part of their body. This Word of the Day devotional actually began because of this truth. In 2006 my father died of cancer. Within months of his passing, my brother was diagnosed with cancer. I knew immediately that he needed to hear what the Lord had to say about healing.

As you are undoubtedly aware, there is a great deal of misinformation and confusion out there about God’s will and thoughts on healing. When we, or a loved one becomes sick, we turn to prayer relying on God’s mercy to save us. At the same time, I frequently hear people accrediting their sickness to God. That is schizophrenic at best. Why should we pray to the one responsible for our sickness for relief from same? Yet, this incorrect theology plagues the church. When people die, some attribute their passing to God thinking it must be God’s will even though the Bible says differently. It is clear from these statements and ideas that we are confused about God’s position on healing, health, life and death.

In 2006 when my brother received his diagnosis, I thought to send him a list of verses on healing. My first thought was just to send the list of verse citations like Proverb 4: 22, Jeremiah 30: 17 etc. I had a Word document with the healing verses listed. No sooner had the thought formed in my mind, though, than I came to understand how overwhelming a long list of citations could be. So, I quickly revised my plan to sending one citation a day. Instantly I realized that to make the Word meaningful, I must make it accessible, so I decided to type out the verse itself rather than just sending the cite. Okay, I was on the right path. However, I couldn’t finish that thought before this other one occurred to me; my brother was not the only person who needed to have the healing scriptures. Then I realized that lots of folks had some ache or illness that needed the touch of God. So, the epiphany was in full bloom, finally. I would send a healing verse, one a day, typed out with the verse citation to anyone who wanted to receive them. Thus, the Word of the Day was born.

As I type this, I am both reminiscent of those early revelations and aware there are new ones coming to light even as I type. Clearly, this is about God’s desire to heal His children, but in that brief story, I, you, we, see how He speaks to us. That entire idea about sending the healing verses, even with all its revisions probably took less than one minute to come to me. Even as one iteration began to be revealed, the next one was awakening. God took me to His desired end in a matter of seconds even though my brain had to go through a sequence of ideas. Further, the ideas did not have to develop into full sentences like one would speak them. No, it was more like they flashed, fully formed, onto the screen of my mind. I saw them in an instant and then the Father moved on. I guess it might have been more like a very quick slide show. As soon as I grasped the idea or image, He moved to the next. It is a lesson in God communication. He can transfer tomes of revelation to us in a moment. Also, even though the ideas were “like” sentences to me, the message really was visual. I find that fascinating. Yahweh knows I am more of a linguist than artist, so He used words to paint the picture on my mind’s canvas. Amazing!

I hope you have enjoyed this story, but I have additional purpose for bringing it to you today. This introduces a new series we will begin. It is a series on healing combined with some attendant faith scriptures which are necessary for applying our faith for healing. I will be trusting the Lord each day for a fresh, anointed message on each scripture which is full of His revelation on healing. I expect Him to tell us things we haven’t known before. This is a personal series and not intended for your intellect. This series is meant for integration with your spirit. I pray these verses and the explanations Father provides will bless every hearer of the Word. This may be a good time to invite someone to the Word of the Day. Who do you know that could benefit from hearing God’s Word on healing?

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  1. Ivey: I thank you for these devotionals daily. I look forward to seeing what you have for me. Continue to do the work that you do for so many. I pray for the people on the lists you send. So many have so many needs. Thank our Good Lord, we are doing OK. Arnold had a skin cancer removed from his ear Wednesday, and other than a lot of stitches, it looks good.
    God is so good to us.

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