Ready to Share

1 Timothy 6: 18

Instruct them to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous and ready to share.

You can always recognize people who are full of the love of God. They are always generous. You have to be because God is generous. So, when you are full of Him, generosity naturally flows from you. Why then are some people, even believers, tight fisted? It is their lack of faith, lack of trust or their belief that their own hands have provided for them. Once you truly begin to trust God, you begin to understand that He will always provide for you. You are then able to release the death grip you have on money and things because you know that God is your source, not you.

As long as you see yourself as your source you will have a tendency to be stingy with your hard-earned money. Once you realize that you cannot do anything without God’s grace and that it is He who has blessed you, you will begin let God’s provision flow through you. You can let God use you as a conduit. You will stop being a dead end in God’s flow and instead be a multiplier. As you start really giving, you will see that your supply is not hindered at all and you will become an even greater giver. When we know God and trust Him, we can let go of every concern. Then we can let go of our resources. We become like God himself just looking for someone to bless. What a wonderful way to live life.

Share It

Luke 22: 17      GW

Then he took a cup and spoke a prayer of thanksgiving. He said, “Take this, and share it.”

This could well be the example of Jesus’ ministry to the modern world. He gives to us freely and then it is our job to share what he has given us with others. For some people this comes naturally. Whenever they find something they enjoy or that benefits their lives, they tell others about it. This is often the best way to find out about books, movies, nutrition and more. This is how people become Christians. It is also how we become stronger and more mature Christians. People share what is helping them, so we learn and discover without having to go through the full process. I really appreciate when people share ministries or messages with me. It helps me out.

Other people, though, seem to hold everything very close to their chest. They don’t extend those things to others. Maybe they are bashful, maybe they fear offending others. I don’t know but I think when we find something good it becomes like a seed when we share it with other people.

Jesus received the cup and gave thanks to the Father. Then he shared the cup with his friends directing them to share it with others. He modeled what he wanted them to do and Christianity has been passed on in this way from generation to generation. I would like to dedicate today as a day of sharing, and I am going to ask something of you. I ask you to share the Word of the Day with at least one other person today. It might be just the thing they are looking for. It could turn out to be a Divine Connection for them. It might be something you could continue to enjoy together. These daily devotions even make good subject matter for Bible study groups. I can’t think of anyone who would not benefit from a daily dose of God’s word. So, today, let’s share the Word of the Day. Send it out of the country. Let’s see how far we can reach together. You never know who you might touch through your sharing. You might start an evangelical fire in another country. That would be great. We also like hearing your thoughts and comments so share those with us. Be blessed!