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Ecclesiastes 8: 12

I know that it will be well for those who fear God, who fear Him openly.

We remember, of course, that when we see the word “fear” in the Old Testament related to our relationship with God, we must immediately translate that word in our heads to revere. I would go a step further, however, in this new dispensation we are under so for myself I read this passage as “It will be well for those who love God, who love Him openly.”  

What does it mean to love God openly? I can think of times in my life when my love of God was a bit of a secret. It wasn’t that I intended it to be a secret though. I think that the relationship I had with Him just wasn’t big enough. Now I don’t believe that I could keep it veiled because God has become the predominant force of my life.

Perhaps we are not always as proud of our Christian heritage as we could be. For myself, I wasn’t living in the victory of Christ to any great measure so my story was undeveloped but as with anything that positively impacts your life once your life with Christ becomes your existence then you are enthusiastic to share what is working for you with others. Then you love Him and share Him openly. People see Him on you. He becomes the gleam in your eye, the light of your countenance.

Every day we have an encounter with the Word of God. Whether we hear this question aloud or not we are everyday faced with whether or not we will choose to believe the Word. Sometimes believing what God has said requires a leap of faith. Okay, so jump! Take a chance that God is not a man that He should lie. Jump off of the end of the pier believing that He is faithful and will catch you. What if you should invest your faith, your mustard seed of believing power in the statement that if you love Him, it will be well with you? Is it a bit scary to make that leap?

There is a beautiful life out there awaiting each one of us. It is full of the riches of God’s glory and favor in Christ Jesus. God gives us all the secrets, all the answers to the test questions. He wants to give us success and beauty and riches. It is His deep desire to promote and exalt us. We need only that little mustard seed of belief. God can do so much with one life, even yours. Open your heart anew. Lift your eyes to the horizon. There is so much out there for you. Even if you think you are in the winter of your life you can get a revelation of the seeds and bulbs God has in the ground for you just waiting to bloom and grow. It is eternal spring for those who love God and who are called to Him. Let your heart grow into a new vision of what God has for you. If you can believe this little passage from the Bible, then you can experience miracles and wonders beyond your current belief level. Open your heart, receive of the Lord and live in the fullness of His blessings. Amen.

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