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Psalm 2: 4

I was crying to the Lord with my voice, and He answered me from His holy mountain.

King David kept God busy. He was at God’s throne day and night. He was constantly before the Lord. And he needed to be. David was always in one need or another but through his need and reliance on God, they developed one terrific relationship. David knew that he could go right to God’s holy mountain and get help in a time of need. He knew that God heard his voice when he talked to Him from his bed. Every morning and every night, David went before God. He showed up demanding God’s attention. That one man could have kept God busy all by himself. You and I might feel a little pestered by someone like David but do you know what happened between God and David. They became friends. Yeah, friends. Not just God and disciple but close friends and God loved him. Dare you pester God like David did? All you have to gain from it is everything, including God’s friendship. Determine that you are going to pursue God just as relentlessly as David did and soon, in less than a month I would say, you will find yourself starting to express the same confidence in God that David did. God will answer you every time even if it is just for the two of you to chat. You will develop such a confidence in God that everything in your life will change.

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