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Job 3: 25

“For what I fear comes upon me, and what I dread befalls me.”

Boy!  We can get a revelation from this passage.  I was looking at John 14: 27 today and Jesus said that he was leaving his peace for us.  That is great but that is not all he said.  He also said for us not to let our hearts be troubled or fearful.  He left his peace here for us to have as our own but the other side of that coin is that we have to make a determined decision not to allow fear to remain in our hearts. 

Part of the reason that Jesus doesn’t want fear in our hearts is because he knows that we attract those things which we allow to reside in our hearts.  If there is something that we dread we actually end up meditating on it and what we meditate on is what we draw to our lives.  Job certainly learned this lesson the hard way but we can be wise and learn from his mistake.  Job learned that fear takes root in your life and then it manifests.  So although Jesus just made a couple of short remarks about being fearful it is really a very important lesson.  That’s the way it is with Jesus’ statements.  He wasn’t wordy so you have to pay attention the first time he says something and in these few words he was trying to teach us the Job lesson.  Do not allow fear to take up residence in your life because whatever you are afraid of you will attract.  Jesus apparently thought that we could do something about fearful and troubled hearts.  He would not have told us to do something that we did not have the ability to do.  So let us take to heart this lesson from Job’s life.  Cast the fear out of your life.  Let not your heart be troubled or fearful.  Receive from the Lord His perfect peace.

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