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Revelation 1: 9

I, John, your brother and fellow partaker in the tribulation and kingdom and perseverance which are in Jesus, was on the island called Patmos, because of the word of God and the testimony of Jesus.

The devil likes to mess with folks but he still has not figured out that whatever he does God turns it around for our good.  You would think that when he crucified Christ and it turned out to be the greatest thing ever he would have learned his lesson but no, he keeps making the same mistakes.  The devil connived and plotted to shut down the Apostle Paul and we got 2/3 of the New Testament as a result.  Still he didn’t learn.  He tried to kill John but John could not be killed.  So the devil conspired to have him exiled to the island of Patmos.  Thank you Satan!  God gave John the greatest revelation of all time.  And lucky for us, John wrote it down.

So what is my point?  Don’t worry about the challenges the devil puts in your path because God takes those things and turns them to your advantage.  When we have a broader view we gain a whole new perspective.  With this perspective we perceive that Satan’s ploys turn out to the good for us because God takes his ploy and turns it around for us.  Just think about the New Testament.  If Satan had not conspired to get both Paul and John off of the speaking circuit we would not have most of the New Testament. 

So, when the devil attacks you, don’t panic.  Extend your trust to the Lord and allow Him to turn those things around for you.  Don’t confess the problem (which is the work of Satan) but rather confess the glorious miracle working power of the Lord and you will see everything turn around to your benefit.  The devil cannot steal from us if we will take him to task over it.  Expect good to come from what the devil means for ill because that is what God does.

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