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Proverb 19: 8

He who gets wisdom loves his own soul; he who cherishes understanding prospers.

The implication of this verse is that those of us who do not seek wisdom do not love ourselves. Why wouldn’t we all seek the wisdom of God, especially when we read that it brings great benefit to our lives? But then we know that often we are our own worst enemies. All wisdom is in God and He is our own Father. He desires to lead us by His wisdom so that our lives will prosper and be at peace.

The secret, if there is one, to a good life is a life lived in Christ. That life, though, requires seeking God and His advice. His wisdom is a free gift for all who ask but there is something in us that prevents our asking even when we understand with our minds that our self-interest is furthered when we obtain God’s insights. The Bible is filled with the wisdom of God and yet I wonder if we treasure it as we might. If we really understood the value of the wisdom that is contained in the Bible we would voraciously devour it. The daily devotion to the Word and to prayer is not a duty. It is bread, life and prosperity. Those who love themselves will pursue wisdom and it will serve them well.

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