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2 Corinthians 2: 15           NIV

For we are to God the aroma of Christ.

One of the most empowering things we will ever do is to attempt to see ourselves as Father God sees us. We are not worms in the dirt. We are not wretched sinners. Jesus changed all that. We are a sweet aroma to God, the very picture of Jesus himself. You see, that stinky you died and was nailed to a cross on Calvary. The message of the new birth is that you have been born again, born a new. That old person should be buried because it is full of nothing but rot and decay. 

However, there is a new you created in the image of God, beautiful and holy. God does not perceive the stench of your past when he looks at you. He smells the sweet aroma of Christ on you. Eau de Jesus is a sublime fragrance. Unlike most colognes and perfumes, once you apply the scent of Jesus it won’t fade. It stays on you and with you forever. It even grows in strength the more you spend time with him. Jesus gets all over you and his glory fills every sense. 

The only one hanging on to your rottenness is you. In God’s perception you are clean and aromatic. Put yourself in God’s position and begin to smell the sweet aroma of Jesus wafting from you. It is a comforting aroma which draws all people. Not only are you pleasing in God’s eyes but you are also pleasant to his sense of smell.

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  1. I'm smelling good today!! Thanks Ivey!

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