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Proverb 21: 28                God’s Word Translation

A lying witness will die, but a person who listens to advice will continue to speak.

What an uncommon comparison. The first phrase of this sentence talks about a liar. We would expect, then, for the second phrase to reveal the result for a truthful person. First, is there a presumption that the person who listens to advice will necessarily be a person who speaks truth? Is that why his life and voice will continue? Is there something about a person who will humble themselves and listen to the advice of another which makes them less likely to lie? 

No one is surprised to learn that the life of a liar is in peril. There are some things which open the door to the devil getting to run around in one’s life. Anger is one. It opens the door to the devil. Speaking words of fear is another. It is an invitation. I don’t think there is anything we can do that invites more interference in our lives by the evil one than lying. Lies belong to the devil. Jesus called him the father of lies (John 8: 44). He said that there is no truth in the devil. Satan is a murderer and a liar. So when we lie we align ourselves with the devil. We have just invited him into our homes. The result is death. Once the devil gets into your house his objective is to kill you. It is what he does. He deceives lies, kills and destroys. Which part of that do you want?

Conversely, the wise person will listen to advice and will live on to speak the wisdom that she gleans from those to whom she has listened. The way of truth is life. Again, no big surprise here. Jesus said, “I am the way; and the truth, and the life” (John 14: 6)  Truth and life go hand in hand. The surprise is that so many of us have not made a quality decision to live by truth. When Jesus speaks truth into your life you receive healing in your spirit, health in your body, prosperity and well-being. All things work together for your good. So, Solomon could end his proverb with this simple statement, choose truth and live.

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