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Numbers 11: 23

And the Lord said to Moses, “Is the Lord’s power limited?”

How would you answer that question if you were in Moses’ shoes? We all know the answer but God wanted Moses to get a revelation of how powerful God really is. He is all powerful. There is nothing beyond his ability. What is it that you need today? For what are you believing?  

God met the needs of the Israelites no matter the need. When they were thirsty, he brought water from a rock. When they were hungry, he fed them with bread from heaven. Their clothes did not wear out nor did their shoes. Still, every time they had a need they cried and moaned and doubted God’s ability to care for them. Their unbelief turned an eleven day trip into a forty year voyage. Let’s not make the same mistake. Call on the awesome power of the living God and let him turn your journey into a jaunt.

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