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Isaiah 44: 8

Do not tremble, do not be afraid. Did I not proclaim this and foretell it long ago?

I understand that we are living in frightening times but none the less our Father tells us not to be afraid. There is a good reason for this, several in fact. First of all, if we are in fear, then we are not in faith. That is the biggest reason of all. Secondly, though, God has prepared a way for us through all of the trouble of this age. 

You are going to hear a lot of doom and gloom reports but even as you hear them you need to say in the back of your mind, “This report is not for the saved, the holy ones of God.” You will need to remind yourself constantly that the frightening news that you hear is not for you. For every calamity, economic depression and terror threat your Father has prepared a way. Re the 23rd Psalm and integrate it into your being. Even in the midst of your enemies, even if you are living in the valley of the shadow of death, fear not. Your Father has prepared your table. He has prepared a feast for you so that even amidst the turmoil, even when surrounded by enemies you will be dining at a feast prepared for you by the Father of Lights. Your enemies will stand on the side lines and observe the banquet that your Father has prepared. You will sit and dine leisurely ignoring all but the grace and blessing of the Lord.

Don’t fear. Don’t tremble and be afraid. God has prepared a way. If you find fear in your heart or mouth, root it out, spit it out. Do not let fear be a part of your vocabulary or thought process. When you hear yourself say that you are afraid, get your Bible and put this verse in your mouth instead. Your God is much bigger than the monsters under your bed. He always was, He always will be. Fear not! This is the command of the Lord.

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