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Psalm 91: 11

For He will give His angels charge concerning you, to guard you in all your ways.

After yesterday’s devotional I just couldn’t stop myself from sending this verse today. It will be very familiar to many of you but familiarity does not weaken its message nor diminish its ability to be a blessing. 

You didn’t know you were important enough to have body guards, did you? Well, God thinks you are a VIP. When Father created humanity, the earth and everything in it He had a clear idea of the complete dynamic between heaven and earth. He prepared everything for us foreseeing our every need. Angels are part of that master plan to care for us. Today’s verse should offer you great comfort. Not only has our Father given us angels to guard and keep us, but it also shows that our Father is mindful of our needs and our protection. I find that encouraging. If you have not read the entire 91st Psalm recently, then you might appreciate reading it again. This is the day to receive its reassurance.

Father God is ever mindful of your every need. There is nothing that you can imagine that He has not already considered. He also knows the pitfalls that seek to ensnare you. Therefore, He longs to guide your every step. However, we do not always listen very well so He has a backup plan, His angels. If you look back upon your life you will probably see angels’ fingerprints. You may say that you are lucky to still be alive considering some of your exploits. Thank God and thank your angels. They are standing by you to help you. Now you are learning how to empower them instead of tying their hands. This is going to be a good partnership.

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