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2 Thessalonians 2: 14

And it was for this He called you through our gospel, that you may gain the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Wow! Does that say what I think it says; God called us so that we could gain the glory of our Lord Jesus? It seems to. What does this mean to us?

In my early days I thought God called me so that I could go to work for Him. I constantly questioned God as to what I should do for Him. I had no idea that He called us to Himself so that He could crown us with glory. How could He possibly mean to give me the glory of Christ?

Our Father has been at work for centuries paving the way for us to become children. He was not looking to make us servants? He was looking to make us heirs of His kingdom. That is a lot to bite off for some of us. I was comfortable serving Him but when He wanted to promote me or worse, spend intimate time with me as His own beloved child, I ran. Then one day I had what I call a prophetic dream and Dad showed me our dynamic. Honestly, I didn’t realize that was my stance with Him. It was a true eye opener. I awoke still in the moment. The dream didn’t fade but rather stayed with me all day. I was grieved down to my bones seeing the face of the Father as I rejected Him time after time. I thought I was being humble and honoring Him with my service but that was smoke and mirrors. The truth was I was afraid. Now, I don’t admit to being afraid very often but I can’t think of anything else. It was a fear of intimacy with Him specifically. I was afraid that if I let down my guard, He would let me down. I was a victim of my own bad theology and bad teaching of some others too. No one ever told me that He was trying to wrap me in His glory. They told me He was trying to make me strong. Well, I was plenty strong enough, thank you very much. But that was a lie and now I know who the liar is. Maybe that is part of the reason I hate lies so much. They steal life from us and they are everyone right from the pit of hell.

So here is the truth and I hope you can handle it better than I could. Your Father loves you and His goal, His purpose is to shroud you in His glory: the glory of the Father, the glory of the Son and the Glory of the Holy Spirit. You, my beloved, are the fourth appointed for this glory. Be more spiritually mature than was I. Allow the Father to wrap you in His arms and in His glory. He wants to bless you, honor and promote you. He wants to rain His glory down on you so that all will know that you are a child of the Most High. Get a big revelation of the Father’s adoration for you and His deep desire to set you in high places. You are meant for glory.

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