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John 14: 6

I am the way . . .

This is more than a salvation message; it is for everyday.

Jesus is the way to heaven. We all know that but he is also the solution to everyday problems. It is so easy for our life with Jesus to slip into the background. Everyday has so much of its own busyness and trials that those things end up in the foreground of our minds. Increasingly our walk with Jesus ends up being a passive relationship. Well, Jesus wants to know that not only can he help with all of the matters of the day but also that he is willing. In fact, he is more than willing. He wants to be involved in every aspect of our lives.

Our work life is harder than it need be. Jesus said he can take that burden and make it light (Matthew 11: 28 – 30). I keep proving this to myself because the days that I really give to the lord and allow him to lead me all day are amazingly less challenging than the days which I do in my own strength. Some days I just go straight to my computer and start working without even pausing to say, “Good morning Lord.” Man, that is a predictor of how the day is going to go. On those days it seems that I work hard all day and get little accomplished. Then there are the other days when I really do let him be Lord of my day. The ease of those days is almost measurable. So, I wish I would learn this lesson once and for all – give the Lord everything; invite him into everything I do. 

He is the way to handle your family, your occupation, your workout, and even your leisure. He is the way for diet, time management and your spiritual life. He can (and will) give you shortcuts throughout the day because he can do in a second what you cannot do in a whole day. The more we fill up Dad’s inbox, the more He likes it and the better our lives go. He fills us with a holy ease and that is good. Whatever you are doing today, stop for a moment and check in with him. See if he has any advice or guidance. Give him your day and he will give you back good fruit.

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  1. Wow! That was exactly what I needed to hear today!!! Sometimes it just seems so trivial to bother God with work issues – I think that he has so many more important things to deal with. My day at work yesterday was one of the worst in 20 years…….should have invited God in to handle but tried to do it myself! Hmmmm…….

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