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John 14: 6

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but through Me.”

There is so much in this verse but I want to focus on just one narrow aspect of it today and hopefully bring light, answers and freedom to people. That narrow focus is that Jesus is the way, the answer. So, think of someone you can forward this to today.

One day while sitting at my desk working I was thunder struck by all the trouble and problems people have. I really do not know how people who don’t have Jesus work through all of the junk that life puts in the way. As I probed the issue, though, I realized that many of us Christians are not living in the fullness of the victory that Jesus has won for us. I see people struggling with problems and I know the answer God has for them and yet they never turn to God for the solution. I have some mini-books lying on my desk and as I look at them I think how just one of these little books could set someone free if only they would seek help. 

Not only does God have an answer, He is the answer. Jesus didn’t pay the price that he paid so that we would continue to wrestle with problems. He taught us, in fact, that he had already overcome all of the troubles we would face. Why, then are we not living in his answers? Why are we overcome with problems? 

I am not going to pretend I have all of the answers. I still have challenge areas too. I can share with you what the Father is teaching me though. I have noticed that my problem solving process is entirely too egocentric. I ask myself, “What am I going to do about this.” You can see in that one sentence the real problem. There are three pronouns which have to do with me. There is problem. Even when I get out of myself enough to pray about the situation I often ask Dad what I should do. Increasingly His answer has been, “Nothing.” You see, I am not the savior and while that is very evident the truth is that within the boundaries of own our lives most of us do act like we are our personal deliverers. We are the problem solvers. We are the fixers. No wonder we are drowning. If I could have done these things for myself, Jesus need not have come. 

Very few of us pick up the phone and call another, even for encouragement or prayer. We rarely call or write seeking advice or inspired scripture. We don’t even pick up these little booklets written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and I believe the reason why is ego. To call someone else is to admit weakness. Oh God forbid! Furthermore, it is an admission that they may know more than we or be more spiritually mature. Well, here is the rub. Not calling proves we are not mature spiritually. Another reason we don’t reach out is because we have guilt in our lives. We already know we are not doing as we ought and we do not want to receive recrimination. 

Part of the solution is that if we are called, if someone does ask for help, we need to make sure that we encourage and edify them rather than belittle them. They already feel small and inadequate. Secondly, don’t give them your worldly advice. If you cannot seek the Father and His counsel or give them relevant scriptures then refer them to someone who can. Refer them to a book even.

Guys, I entreat you. There is no need for us to suffer as we do. Let us all go get the help we need. Let us dare to pick up a “good for us” book and let the author minister life. Call your pastor, call me and ask what book may help. There is so much help available and no need for us to continue to go around the same mountain again and again. No matter how smart you think you are, God just knows way more and has seen it all before. He can give you the answer in a second. Let’s retire as the lords of our lives and just see if there is something Jesus can do. Let’s end the suffering for ourselves and our friends. God is the answer and He really will help in every single little and big situation. Don’t wait until you are drowning to reach out. At the first indication of trouble, call your praying friends and if you don’t have friends who pray, it is time to get new friends.

Lastly, no matter where you are in the world, we at Ivey Ministries are here for you. This is our passion. We want to see God’s people living free. The Word of the Day is being read in many different countries now and on six continents. Where ever you are, whoever you are, we are praying for you and will always be here to help in the time of need.

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