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Isaiah 40: 3

A voice is calling, “Clear the way for the Lord in the wilderness.”

John the Baptist was the one prophesied that would be the voice of one crying out in the wilderness to make ready the way of the Lord. This Old Testament passage foretold the coming Messiah and his herald. Now the coming of Jesus is history too. And yet, the old has become new again. Jesus is coming back and there is a voice crying out, make yourself ready for his return is imminent. That cry is from the Holy Spirit telling us to make ready the way of the Lord. There are many people who do not know of the greatness and the love of the Holy One. They are hungry and searching but they search after every kind of lost doctrine out there. They become the blind leading the blind and they will all fall in a ditch. Only the true voice of the Holy Spirit can lead them into truth, which is the son of God. Let us each find our voice and also pray that the Father will anoint people to go into the world carrying salvation and the grace of the Lord with them. We must all pray if we are going to accomplish great things for the Lord. Who shall we send? Jesus is coming. He has salvation in his hand. All of us have a part in spreading this message. The time is at hand. Make clear the way of the Lord in this land.

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