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1 Peter 4: 8

Above all, keep fervent in your love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins.

God is love. You know that. Because He is love then the pursuit of life is love. Seek Him with all your heart and you will find Him (Jeremiah 29: 13). When you find God, you have found love. Love is the one thing. It is preeminent. It’s all about love.

When you dwell in love, when you make it your abiding grace, then your actions will be colored by love as well. However, we know that none of us are perfect. We still fail. We still make mistakes but love covers them. If we have made it our life’s ambition to live by love then love is our guard and shield. It is our hiding place in the time of trouble, like a strong refuge. Love protects us.

Think of this too. Love is also our redeemer. Wouldn’t you say that is true? Wasn’t it love which sent Jesus for us? Wasn’t it love that nailed him to a cross? Love restored our souls redeeming them from the pit of hell and placing us in glory with our Lord. As is so evident, love is power. 

We have such a small revelation of love. We cling to the might of God’s strong hand but fail to see that love is the power behind His might. Whenever we fall, it is love which picks us up but we cannot know God or the power of His might until we yield our hearts to this power, the power of love.

When we envelope ourselves in God, His love becomes a covering for us. Not only does it protect us but it redeems our mistakes. It covers the errors of our ways. That is not to say that we entertain debauchery. No, as we live in love we always seek to give God our very best. We never intend to cause Yahweh sorrow by sinning for in truth to sin against God is really to sin against ourselves. We do not harm God with our iniquity. We injure ourselves. However, when we live a life dedicated to love, God covers our iniquity so that we are safe, secure and forgiven. We live with contrite hearts always seeking to express purity. However, when we do fail, when we do err, God picks us up, dusts us off and sets us back on our feet. 

Love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and love your friends, boss, employees, family members and the nut on the freeway as you love yourself. Forgive everyone who has harmed you. Pray for and bless them. And let selflessness be your guide.

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