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Isaiah 48: 21

They did not thirst when He led them through the deserts. He made the water flow out of the rock for them; He split the rock and the water gushed forth.

Perhaps the least common element in a desert is water. It is also what the Israelites needed most. To find water in the desert is a most uncommon miracle but to have it literally gushing out of rocks is the most extraordinary occurrence possible. For me, what is most striking about this miracle is that water is that God made the least likely thing happen. 

I don’t believe there are small miracles and large miracles to God. In fact, to Him, I doubt they are miracles at all. Making what appears, to us, impossible happen is just what He does. I think this passage can really speak into our lives because of its impossibility. If God can make the most unlikely thing in the desert happen then He can certainly take care of all of our “normal” miracles. 

In any organization there are individuals who specialize in certain tasks. God’s area of specialty is in doing the impossible. I think He would say to us, “Hey, if it is possible then you don’t need me, just go ahead and do it. When you encounter an impossibility, call me. That is my specialty!”

So my question for you is, what impossible thing do you need done? Just route it to the impossibility department and get ready to receive your miracle. There is one caveat though, you are going to have to invest in that department’s Christmas plan. Leave your deposit of belief, faith or trust and the impossibility department will get right on it. Nothing, it turns out, is really impossible when you send some belief with your request to the right manager. 

Have a miracle today! Expect a miracle!

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