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Luke 12: 25

“And which of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life’s span?”

What are you worrying about? Jesus told us not to worry about anything. What good is worry going to do us? It distracts us from keeping our thoughts on the God of our breakthrough and therefore prolongs the misery. We need to keep our thoughts on the promises of God and his ability to meet all of our needs. When we think on the problem, we elevate it in our minds. It becomes our God in that we are looking at it instead of Jesus and our gracious Father. We meditate on the problem, turning it over and over in our minds. In the end, there is usually very little we can do towards the solution anyway. Even what we are able to do may be completely out of the will of God. We need to really work on turning our problems over to Him and getting our minds focused on His goodness. Meditate on God the Father and his lovingkindness rather than the problems this world presents you. What are you worried about today?

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