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Isaiah 40: 1

“Comfort, O comfort, My people,” says your God.

The dear Father of us all spoke this verse to me about two weeks ago when I was feeling run ragged. He says, “This is my word to you.” If you want to know what God is saying then in today’s word you have an answer. He is speaking comfort. God is giving you peace and comfort.

Jesus had peace on his mind too. “Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you” (John 14: 27). You see, your comfort has been paramount in God’s mind from the beginning. He is always speaking comfort to your bones and to your spirit. Whenever you feel over-worked, over-taxed or overwhelmed, you can turn to Isaiah, read these words and know that your beloved is speaking comfort words over you right now. In the middle of your work day He is speaking peace, in the midst of grief He is speaking comfort, every moment of your life He is speaking comfort and abundant grace over you. Blessed be the Lord.

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