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Luke 10: 42

You are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed.

Only one thing is needed. There are many things which distract us and which seem important. However, Jesus told Martha that only one thing is needed. That one thing is the Word of God. Martha’s sister, Mary, had chosen that one thing. She was sitting at the feet of Jesus receiving his Word. Jesus told Martha that this one thing, this one needed thing, would not be taken away from Mary.

We are confronted by so many challenges in a day. Even as we seek answers sometimes we can become overwhelmed by the multitude of things we feel we must do in order to receive our relief. Thank God for the Word of God and this teaching from Jesus. When all is in chaos, we need only one thing, Jesus. 

I have been impressed that our lives could be much easier and more simple if we can grasp the deep revelation of this passage. There is really only thing we need. The Word of God will guide us, enlighten us and keep us. In our day to day lives, as well as in a time of need, there is only one thing which is needful. Like Mary we choose that best part which is the Word of God. And when we do, if we do, then Jesus insinuates himself into our every need and takes upon himself all of the worry and upsetting issues of life. Be blessed and filled in him.

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