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Psalm 133: 1

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity!

We have opportunities everyday to get offended and/or get in strife. God is looking for people who can hang on to their peace even when things challenge them. This is no easy task in today’s world. Just driving to the grocery store and back can be enough to steal every bit of peace you have; not to mention the time you spend in the store waiting in line, etc. There is no shortage of chances to let your emotions get wrought up. What can we do to stay in peace in the midst of the daily turmoil? We have to rise above it. We ask the Holy Spirit to help us be at peace and maintain our peace. We are not going to change every driver out there so we must get Jesus to help us. Not all of our co-workers, family members or even church members are going to walk in a manner that makes it easy for us to stay out of strife. None the less, Jesus said that he gave us his peace (John 14: 27). We must refuse to let the devil hop up and down on our buttons and cause us to get stirred up. Only by yielding to Jesus and allowing the Holy Spirit to do a work in us are we going to be able to walk in this world but not be of it. Jesus has within himself the power to overcome these obstacles to our love walk. He told us that he has overcome the world so by and through him we are overcomers too. Hold on to your peace. Follow peace. Don’t let others get you into strife and dissention. Let us exemplify Christ in our unity and communion with others.

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