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Matthew 5: 18

For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.

When God created this ream in which we live, He created certain physical and spiritual laws. These laws operate independently of our will or actions. The most obvious example of this is the law of gravity. Gravity operates whether or not you believe in it or whether or not you intend to trigger it. We have come to accept this law though. If I release the pen in my hand right now, I am convinced that it will fall to the desk, perhaps even to the floor. Now, whether or not I can explain the law of gravity, I understand its impact on the pen and I can, with a pretty high level of accuracy, predict the course of the pen. All of the laws of physics work in the same way. The results of their application are predictable.

Allow me to give you an example. There is a shot tower in Virginia. It is called a shot tower because early settlers used the seventy-five foot tall tower to manufacture lead shot for guns. Molten lead was dropped 150 feet from the top of the tower. During the decent, physical laws operated on the melted lead so that when it reached its terminus it was spherical and partially cooled. The shot would fall into a pool of water which would complete the cooling process. The result was smooth, round shot.

I doubt that the shot manufacturers could explain all of the physical laws which operated upon the molten lead which caused it to form the perfect shot needed for the firearms of the day. Even if the owner of the patent could offer even a portion of a scientific explanation I am sure that the people dropping the shot could not. None the less, the shot ended up being just as round and just as smooth for the most ignorant of the operators as it was for the most informed. Why? The physical laws work equally for all of us whether or not we can explain their properties. The operators understood that if they dropped their shot from the top of the tower that when it was fished out of the pool it would be smooth and round. They did not need to understand gravity, atmospheric pressure, acceleration, the impact of humidity, or any other physical laws which impacted the shot in order to predict the outcome and to make perfect shot.

Now then, there are also spiritual laws that underpin this sphere, this realm in which we live. They operate the same for everyone and with the same predictability. Unfortunately, most of us do not know these spiritual laws so we can neither predict them nor use them to our benefit. We often think things just happen but in truth there is cause and effect. The more we understand the laws which are in operation all around us, the more we can determine our destinies instead of being reeds blowing in the wind. Let us look at the most prominent of all spiritual laws tomorrow.

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