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Psalm 84: 12

O Lord of hosts, how blessed is the man who trusts in Thee!

How blessed indeed! Do you know how little there is for you to worry about once your trust is in the Lord. It is a great and wonderful blessing not to have to worry about every single thing in our lives. The more we are able to turn over to the Lord of Hosts, the less there is for us to worry over. You don’t have to take stress management classes anymore. You are just less stressed. The Lord, our God, is carrying all of that stress for you. Each thing that you do not want to carry any longer, turn over to Him. It may take a bit of practice and perhaps this is one of those things about which we must be constantly vigilante but it sure is worth every bit of effort.

Here is one little trick that I use. I imagine one of those “IN” boxes that everyone used to have on their desks. This one belongs to God. Walk up to it and put into it the matter that is taking up so much of your thought life. If a matter is important enough to you to cause you concern, then it is important enough for you to give to God. He cares about everything you care about, even the small things. I have noticed that it is impossible to fill up His “IN” box. He always has room for more.

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