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Exodus 15: 26

I am the Lord that heals you.

That is short, sweet and to the point. You would need help in confusing this scripture because it is so simple. And yet, we really are not walking in this simple belief. Most of us believe that God heals. All you have to do is go to a hospital to see that truth. People will receive prayer when they are sick even if they have refused God all of their lives. Why do we ask people to pray for us if we do not believe God heals? Well of course we do believe. Then why are we not all walking in health? Somehow in the body of Christ we have let this simple truth slip away from our daily walk. We know that He is our Lord that heals us. We know it! But I think we only know it with our minds. We don’t believe it with our heart of hearts. We pray for healing when someone is seriously sick hoping that God will heal them rather than believing that God is going to heal them. Then in our daily lives we receive all manner of sickness, pain and suffering. We do not mean to. We have just been led along by the world; by those who do not have a hope of healing. We have started acting like them instead of acting like children of the great healer.

It might be a great task for all of us to get ourselves turned back around but we can do it because all things are possible in Him and to those who believe. We just need to take one small step and then another. We need to encourage one another and we need to keep on praying as we have been but now with greater expectation that the God of miracles really is present for us and that He really will show up on the scene. Help your friends increase their expectation and demands on God’s promises. Encourage them and when you have a sickness or a disease attack your body, ask them to pray for your health too. Working together we can turn around the body of Christ and reclaim the promises of God in our life.

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