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Psalm 16: 8

I have set the Lord continually before me; because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.

That is a good feeling, to know that God Almighty is at your right hand.  King David, the author of this psalm, had practice walking with God.  He had experience with Him.  David was confident in God’s ability to take care of him.  David took the first step though.  He placed God at the center of his world.  The Lord was continually before his eyes because David put Him there.  David established the Lord in his life and he learned that by so doing he could walk through the world without being shaken.  Even when trouble came, David knew that God would see him through it.  What a sense of peace that must have given him.  We can attain to that same relationship with our Dad too and even greater because we are living in the New Covenant.

We can do the same thing.  Look at where you are sitting right now and imagine Jesus sitting to your right.  We know that he is with us all of the time so why don’t we have a more tangible appreciation of him with us?  Part of David’s confidence was his realization that God was with him at all times.  Let this revelation grow bigger in you and I believe that you too will not be not be shaken.

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