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Jeremiah 23: 23

“Am I a God who is near,” declares the Lord, “and not a God far off?’

God wants you to know that he is a close God rather than a faraway deity. He is a personal, close friend and confidant. Sometimes people perceive God as sitting far away in some distant space. He says that he fills the heavens and the earth (Jeremiah 23: 24). He is as close as your breath. He lives in you and all around you. Look at something near you at this moment. God is in that space between you and the item at which you looked. He is in your present moment. He is completely filling the earth. His presence is so close that when you inhale, you breathe Him in. When your heart beats, He hears the sound of it. He has filled all of the space of this earth. Everywhere you go, there He is. He is a very present God because He is in love with you. He wants to be with you all of the time and help you with everything you do. He wants to do things for you so that you can enjoy your life. You have a very close friend. He is ever present so you will never be alone. What do you want to do today? How would it be if you carried the creator of the whole universe with you? Wouldn’t that be awesome? There is nothing He would like more than to go to work with you today and go to lunch with you.

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