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2 Chronicles 20: 20

Listen to me, O Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem, put your trust in the LORD your God and you will be established.”

It is a little bit hard learning to trust someone you can neither see nor hear. If you have never stepped out in faith and believed God for something, then you might appreciate some guidance in learning how to walk in faith. Start risk free with something small. It might be some task you are working on without a lot of success. Maybe you need to write a thank you note and the words just aren’t coming out right. For me, it was leveling a refrigerator.

It was late at night and the freezer door was not staying closed because I had moved the refrigerator and the floor was not level. I had already inadvertently thawed an entire bag of chicken breasts. So, I was lying on the floor turning the leveling legs and it just wouldn’t work. The whole thing defied logic. I was getting tired and frustrated. Finally, I stopped and prayed. Then as I looked back at the refrigerator, I had the idea to lengthen the left side. Now, that was just opposite of what you would think but I did it anyway since I had prayed. You know the end of the story. It immediately fixed my problem and the freezer door stayed closed. I was shocked and flabbergasted but really relieved at the same time. It only took a minute to fix the problem once I prayed but I wasted a lot of time messing with the thing before. I learned an important lesson that night; pray first.

That refrigerator was one of many small ways I learned to trust God. Though I am still learning, now it is much easier for me to trust him in bigger things. As we go, we begin to turn problems over to him more quickly and we learn to take our hands and thoughts completely off of the problem. You will find that you even quit talking about the problem that you have handed over to God because you have such an awareness that it is His problem and He will handle it. It takes seeing Him come through for you a time or two before you really begin to believe He can and will affect our lives here and now. Until you have witnessed it yourself it is easy to think of God as uninterested and removed from our daily lives. Once you know the truth, though, you will be thrilled at how involved with you He really wants to be. Go ahead. Look for some little thing that you can trust Him with and soon you will have fewer and fewer troubles that you have to deal with.

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