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Romans 10: 11

For the Scripture says, “Whoever believes in Him will not be disappointed.”

You never have to be disappointed. Now wouldn’t that be great to live a life where you are never disappointed? Do you believe that possible? Probably not, and that is where we all lose it. It is a challenge believing we can live a life without disappointment. There is the rub; if we can’t believe it, we can’t achieve it. Anything we cannot believe for, we cannot attain. God works through our faith to bring those things to pass that we need. He performs the miracles but He needs us to do the believing.

We all need to work on our belief level. We need to trust God with some small matters so that we can prove to ourselves that He is true to His word. We need to hear about the miracles He has performed in other people’s lives, and, we need to become familiar with the promises He has made us. If we can really “believe” in Him, then we truly can live without disappointment.

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