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Proverb 11: 14

Where there is no guidance the people fall, but in abundance of counselors there is victory.

There is no such thing as a self-made man, only one who’s ego is out of control because there is no success without guidance. Victory is in the abundance of counselors.

Recently I rode, what was for me, a big bike ride. It was only 32.5 miles but it went uphill 3000 feet. That was the most climbing I have ever done. The Shenandoah Park service closed a section of Skyline Drive for one day to all motorized traffic. It was a great opportunity to get out on that scenic road and experience the beauty and grandeur of the mountains. I was so happy to have accomplished that ride but in the sober moments of life and indeed even out on the road, I was equally thankful for all the people who helped me.

You know, cycling can be a lonely adventure and I was all alone on the mountain that day. No one could help push the pedals around but I was never really alone. First, my Father was with me and I was grateful for His presence. In truth, though, there were a lot of people pushing me up that hill. Many people gave me encouragement in the days and weeks leading up to the ride and that really did help me. There were times when I was concerned about the ride but there was always someone there telling me that I could do it.

That isn’t all though. Riding in Georgia a couple of weeks before I met a woman named Varina who shared her knowledge of nutritional gels with me and gave me lots of good advice. Then there was Dr. Goldberg who coached me on nutrition and hydration. Mike, the owner of the local bike shop, spent a lot of time with me, encouraging and teaching me. Then, where would I have been without Diane who drove me to the beginning of the ride and picked me up on the other end, having to go around, of course, because the road we were all riding on was closed to cars. And then there were my prayer partners, who prayed for me and for my ride. I honestly wonder if I could have succeeded in that ride without even one of these blessed people. While it may have appeared I was on my bike alone, isolated on that mountain, the truth is that there was a team of people who helped me up that hill.

Wouldn’t it be something if I arrived at the top to declare what a great solo success I achieved? It just is not true. Additionally, all of the people who prayed, taught and encouraged learned from others. We are all standing upon the shoulders of those who have gone before. Even the technology of nutritional products these days is well advanced of what was available only a few short years ago.

That is how it is with life. We can go further faster today because of those who have gone before and because of all of our teachers, parents, coaches, encouragers and prayer warriors. I thank my God for each of you. Every encouragement you give keeps casting additional seed through the people you have blessed. I am thankful for all of the experiences my friends have learned from and for the time they have spent becoming educated. Truly no one of us is an island and even in the isolating alone times, it is good to remember all of the people who have contributed to the successes of your life.

You are never alone because your Father is with you but you also carry with you the prayers and encouragement of many people. In abundant counselors you find the victory because success is a team sport.

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