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Proverb 1: 5

A wise man will hear and increase in learning.

If a wise person hears and increases in learning, what does an unwise person do? What do we call an unwise person? Who is that person, what does it look like to be unwise? One of the first tidbits Solomon offers us is that we have the choice to increase in wisdom.

Honestly, do you find people teachable? Would you consider yourself teachable? When did we get so smart that we have nothing left to learn? One of the lessons I was fortunate enough to learn very young in life is that everyone has something to teach me. Even a homeless person can teach us how to survive the mean streets.

I sometimes wonder if our society is becoming more arrogant and self-impressed or if we were always this way and I have only just now begun to notice. Sometimes I think that if I really believed in the Holy Spirit and really believed that he is moving in the environment today, then I wouldn’t be so convinced that I have the answers or that I even need to. Perhaps I would be more willing to listen to the counsel of others. After all, God used a donkey twice so he ought to be able to use the people around us. Of course, maybe he had to use a donkey because we humanoids are too stubborn to listen to one another.

All kidding aside, I really do think this is an epidemic. I have noticed how people have less respect for professionals and for pastors as well. Though we believe that God is willing to talk to each one of us, there is still a role for ministers and I believe we are well advised to seek their wisdom. I also think there are people in your life right now who are able to hear the voice of God, and who are willing to share with you. I also believe there are people with life experiences and wisdom who can make our journey easier. I also think others can see, with a cleaner perspective, what we cannot see for ourselves. If we can coach ourselves into humility, we can take advantage of their perspective and not be slaves to recurring patterns.

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