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Matthew 15: 17 -18

“Do you not understand that everything that goes into the mouth passes into the stomach and is eliminated? But the things that proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and those defile the man.”

This is Jesus’ teaching. He was attempting to bring His followers into enlightenment about attending the law out of ritualistic habit versus living to God. He wanted them to understand that ritualistic adherence to the law was not true service to the Lord, especially when it is just used to judge and condemn others.

You see, the Pharisees were concerned about Jesus’ disciples not washing their hands before they ate bread. Now no one is trying to teach not washing our hands but these folks were ready to condemn the disciples to hell. Jesus is so clear here. He says don’t worry so much about what you are putting in your mouth. Be concerned about what is coming out of your mouth because that really will condemn you to hell. Are the words coming out of your mouth more likely to tear people down or build them up? Are you encouraging and edifying others or are you condemning and criticizing? You Pharisee! Clean up your language. Your words can be building blocks or daggers. Which will God prefer? And really…which of us adheres so closely to the Word of God that we should disparage others? You better pray for those folks and pray for yourself while you are there. Ask God to guard your heart, mind and mouth. Ask Him to cause every word which proceeds from your mouth to be acceptable in His sight (Psalm 19: 14).

Jesus said what comes out of our mouths is indicative of what is in our hearts and that is what defiles a man. God is interested in the condition of your heart. He does not judge your acts but rather your heart. You can put on a good show to others but God knows the intent of the heart. Surrender your whole heart to God. Let Him fill you with His goodness. Then the overflow of your heart will bless all you come contact with.

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