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Luke 15: 25

He was lost and has been found.

At spin class today our instructor played a song in which the lyric said, “I didn’t know I was lost.” I wondered how much that describes our Christian salvation. Did we realize how lost we were before Jesus found us? I think that even as I continue to grow closer to the Father that I realize how lost I was. I don’t know that I thought I was lost though.

The interesting part of this being or feeling lost is that I was actually “saved” in that I had given my life to Jesus. I called him my Lord. This is why the Word says, “Work out your salvation with fear and trembling (Philippians 2: 12). Even after our initial surrender to Christ, there is so much more for us to work out. We get one area resolve only to discover there is another area of our lives where we are lost in the fog. At first, we don’t even realize we are wandering around in the tall weeds. Then, there is a moment of clarity in which we see the truth of our situation. In that moment we have a choice. Sometimes we are embarrassed by our weakness and wish to hide from the truth. That is a normal reaction, I think, but also one, which if embraced, leads to failure rather than growth. In the moment of our epiphany if we will allow ourselves the right to be on the grow rather than demanding perfection of ourselves, we can choose to let Father help us. Together we can work out our salvation in that area.

Right now, in this very moment, there may be an area where you still feel lost. That’s okay. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit for just such a moment as this. It could also be the case that you are lost and don’t even realize it. A simple prayer asking Jesus to find you in any way you are lost will resolve that problem. We all wander around at times but wise is the person who realizes it and seeks “the way” and you are wise. Reach out to Jesus and allow him to shine light upon your path. Let him lead you into all truth. Be found!

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