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Nehemiah 9: 20

You gave Your good Spirit to instruct them, your manna You did not withhold from their mouth, and You gave them water for their thirst.

Food, water and the Holy Spirit – these are the necessities of life and God has provided them all to us. There are many people on this earth that think the only true necessities are food and water, but they would be wrong. There is no life without the Spirit of God. We saw that yesterday. If the measure of the Spirit, which is given to every person, were withdrawn, we would die. We would have no breath. What good is food and water to carcasses?

Even now, we wander through our days yielding to our desire for food and quenching our want of water. These are the cares of the body, the things we need physically in order to sustain life. Meanwhile, our spirits die from lack of nutrition. We care for our physical bodies, as well we should, because we are aware and educated about the physical requirements of our bodies. We are physically aware. However, no one taught us that our spirits need constant nourishment. Most of us did not grow up with the understanding that the Spirit of God was a spiritual need just like food and water are to the body. We are not spiritually aware, but that can change, and I believe it is changing.

The Spirit is good, a gift from God and our instructor. That is a sentence we would do well to ponder, even memorize, as long as the memorization is more substantive than a rote memory exercise. Just knowing that he is good can change our lives significantly.

Jesus sent to us the Holy Spirit. He even said it was to our advantage that he go so that he could send the Spirit. Our beloved Jesus sent him to be a benefactor of each of our lives, to improve the quality of our lives. Our role is to actively and purposefully receive him and to get to know him.

I hope you will solemnly ponder this week’s verses and allow them to aid you in finding a richer relationship with the Holy Spirit of God.

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