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Psalm 103: 5

Who satisfies your years with good things, so that your youth is renewed like the eagle.

How would you like to have your youth restored? That is exactly what this verse promises.

God has no one compelling Him to make promises. When He promises us a thing, it is because He wants to. So, this verse reflects His desire. He wants you strong. We are guaranteed at least a 120 year life span (Genesis 6: 3). Most of the time when I tell someone that, they reply that they do not want to live 120 years. I ask them why and, without fail, each person has expressed their belief and aversion to becoming infirm. We have visions of being broken down and living in a broken down home for the elderly. That is not a Christ thought. That is the world.

Look at today’s verse from the God’s Word translation. It reads that God, “fills your life with blessings so that you become young again like an eagle.” Now that is a God thought. Here we see God’s vision for your elder years. Moses is one of our Biblical heroes. Certainly, I love studying him. Do you know that he didn’t even begin his ministry until age 80? He was 120 years old when the Israelites reached the Jordan river. Moses loved the mountains. He often retreated to the mountain tops to commune with God, so at 120 years old, he climbed a mountain. How infirm do you suppose he was? Think of this too. He didn’t have a nice pair of hiking shoes. He didn’t have hiking clothes and socks, nor did he have the kind of hiking poles we have today. None the less, he did, at 120 years of age, what many of us can not do today. How is that possible? He had a revelation and he believed God. He took God at his word and he obeyed him. There are some relationship keys there.

We need to hear God’s voice and then obey what he says. Many Christians do not actually expect God to speak to them and they spend no time trying to hear from Him. We need a shift in our thinking. Second, we need to begin to see the Bible as completely relevant for today. Truly, it is a how to manual for our lives. There is practical advice in it that can, literally, transform our lives.

Today’s verse is God’s vision for you. Now, how do we get from where we are to what He envisions? First of all, we have got to stop listening to the world and put the Word of God in its priority position. The world says when you reach 50 you start falling apart. It’s a good thing no one told Moses. He would probably rebuff them anyway. When you hear people talking about the ravages of age on the body, you need to pull up what God’s says and refute it, if only to yourself. When you hear the TV commercials about how your body will no longer function as it ages, you just say, “That may be true for others but not for me because I have the Holy Spirit and the glory of God restoring my youth.” Get bold. Hold God’s word up before your eyes and do not believe what the heathen are teaching. They don’t have God; how can they speak to your life?

There is health revelation throughout the Bible. Let it guide you and let it minister to your spirit. You are just waiting to get to age 80 so you will be wise and strong enough to enter into the fullness of your calling. Retirement? No way! We are going to save the nation when we get old enough. These are our preparatory years so begin preparing now for you Moses style calling. Go to your mountain top and ask God what you need in your life so that you may be strong mentally and physically. Listen to the wisdom He has stored up for you. He has great plans for you. Now, let’s go mountain climbing.

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