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Matthew 5: 13

You are the salt of the earth.

Did you ever wonder why Jesus chose salt? Why didn’t he say you are the nutmeg of the earth? That might have been more apropos. Or why not cinnamon? Of all the spices, salt is the most basic. Think of it as foundational as far as adding flavor goes. However, there is a lot more to salt than that. How many other minerals do you know of that are used to cure meat, to preserve? Besides that, salt is essential for health, even for life. According to Ann Musico, author and health coach, “Sodium chloride (salt) is the only trace mineral found in every cell of the body and . . . life is not possible without it. It is critical for fluid and electrolyte balance.”

Additionally, the consumption of unprocessed salt such as Celtic salt or Himalayan salt can be very effective in many health aspects. The label from my Himalayan salt claims it contains over 84 minerals and lowers blood pressure, helps acid reflux, regulates sleep and naturally promotes sleep, balances the pH inside the cells, promotes blood sugar health, supports sinus and respiratory health, prevents muscle cramps, promotes bone health, supports vascular health and aids circulation. Other sources also claim it helps with allergies.

Do you suppose Jesus knew salt was so full of healing benefits when he suggested you are the salt of the earth? Of course he did. He was connected to God at all times. I believe he was suggesting that we can have the same impact in the earth as salt by sharing the good news that he gave us. His word is health and healing. Psalm 107: 20 says, “He sent His word and healed them.”

I hope today’s devotional will cause you to consider how you can impart health and flavor into other people’s lives. I hope you will also think about your salt consumption and how adding this essential mineral can support your healthy lifestyle. Below is a link to one of Musico’s articles on salt. I hope you will enjoy it. At the bottom of her post you can also find subscription information.

Weight Loss: Another Reason for Adding Salt to Your Water

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