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Psalm 64: 8

So they will make him stumble; their own tongue is against them.

David wrote this psalm as a complaint against a group of people who were gossiping about and plotting against him. In the end, it is their own words and schemes which will trip them up. That is the way with gossip, the outcome of treachery.

You may feel vindicated if someone has been badmouthing you. Take solace in the fact that their words will eventually turn around and bite them. If you are prone to gossip, heed this warning. Gossip is like a snake, you may think you have it by the tale but it finds a way to turn and bite you.

For that matter, gossip just isn’t kind. Our Father is kindness, gentleness and goodness. It is hard to imagine that gossip would fit in with Him and if it doesn’t fit with Him, then it doesn’t fit with us. We are supposed to live our lives in Him, after all.

This psalm also reveals that the schemes and traps we plot against others, ensnare us. Again, great vindication if you have been the subject of such plots. Not such good news if you are the architect of schemes.

There is not grace, no goodness is talking about others or devising ways to trip them up. Our job is to show the love and mercy of God to everyone. It’s not always the job we would choose but it is the one to which we have been appointed by our Father. Let only good proceed from our mouths, O Lord.

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