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Psalm 74: 1 – 2

O God, why have You rejected us forever? Why does Your anger smoke against the sheep of Your pasture? Remember Your congregation, which You have purchased of old, which You have redeemed to be the tribe of Your inheritance.

Can I be honest with you? I am not in love with this psalm and had trouble choosing a segment to write on. Ultimately it was what I didn’t like that captured my attention. This is not a psalm of David and I find myself missing him. Read the entire psalm for yourself and tell me which verse you would have chosen. Click reply or enter your choice in the comments section.

I chose verses one and two because of the tone they set for the entire psalm. David may have whined a time or two in his songs but one of the things I like about his spirit is that he turned to praise in the end. Today’s psalm, by Asaph, is an entreaty for God to rise up against those who oppose him and his people.

The heart warms to thoughts of being God’s own inheritance. What a crazy concept. God created a people so that He might have an inheritance. This people, though, accuse Him of having rejected them. I posit that they rejected Him rather than the other way around. I believe this because of the history that we read in the Bible but also because I see how we are today. Even now we might accuse God of leading us into the desert or otherwise abandoning us, but I know it to be untrue. We are the fabricators of silence and desolation.

How many times and in how many ways do we isolate God from our lives and isolate ourselves from His life? We pray, begging Him to meet our needs, but at the first opportunity we immerse ourselves in lives, habits and activities of which He cannot be a part. We shun Him, putting Him in the corner until Sunday morning when we put on our holy garments for an hour.

Do not think I am accusing you without pausing to look in the mirror. I, too, fall far short of the prize and it bothers me that I do. We live in a cultural time when it takes concerted effort to live a life of meaning and value. These days, people want to text rather than talk. We are too busy to just sit down and have a cup of coffee with a friend. When we are together, we rarely engage in meaningful conversation. We are more likely to have a beer together than even one word about our Lord and God WHICH begs the question. Is He really our Lord if we don’t serve Him, give Him any time or worship Him? Is He our God, truly? Perhaps He is only our ticket out of hell. In the meantime, here on earth, we have compartmentalized Him so that He does not invade our lives.

When you know the history of the Israelites, you may think that rather than God having rejected them, they had rejected God. Then, since all the words in the Bible are for our ultimate edification you stop and think that perhaps we are a modern example of the same thing.

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