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Psalm 107: 20

He sent His word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.

This is the verse from Wednesday. I brought it back because I want to discuss the last word in the verse: destructions. The other critical word is the possessive pronoun right before it. I want to talk about “our” destructions.

It is first important to notice that God has delivered us from our destructions. Remember that this is a verse on healing. It is not much of a logic leap to conclude that some of our health issues are related to destructive (destructions) things we do. The other side of that coin is that there are positive, supportive things that we don’t do. We can let our hearts be at ease, though, knowing that the healing Father prepared for us heals and restores our bodies even from the wrongful things we have done to it.

One of the ways God heals our bodies is in bringing wisdom and revelation to a person, a revelation which is the source of their cure. Perhaps there is some food or habit that is causing sickness. Or, perhaps there is something we can do like exercise or a fast which will correct the malady. Our Father will speak into our lives and tell us what we need in order to enjoy the kind of health we desire.

The truth is most of us make ourselves sick. It’s true, unfortunate, but true. Look at the average diet. We eat artificial sweeteners, drink sodas, eat way too many carbohydrates and not enough vegetables. Then we sit too much neglecting the body’s need for exercise. We were made to move so a sedentary lifestyle works against our body’s natural health protocol. We are too busy to be healthy, rarely having quiet time. As a result of all of these ways we are out of sync with a health regimen it is hardly a surprise that we develop physical dis-ease.

Our response is rarely to look in the mirror to ask that person what we can do to improve our health, much less to look into the face of God and ask Him. He’s only the creator, after all, what would He know about it. Our first response is to run to the doctor expecting her or him to “fix” us. Don’t get me wrong here. I thank God for health professionals. I firmly believe that medical science is one of the methods He uses to get healing to us. My beef is that we fail to look into any of the other ways God heals. We don’t ask ourselves, or Him, the questions the answer to which may heal us.

The number one method I would prescribe for your healing is to get with God and have some good quality time. What am I doing, Lord, that may be contributing to this sickness? What can I do to improve my health? Are there some things in my life which need adjustment? Do I have toxic emotions causing malady in my body? Father, what can I do, should I do to contribute to the healing in my body?

If the body of God doesn’t talk to God, and hear Him, how much of a body are we actually? If we do not take our problems to Him in a conversation rather than simply submitting a list of requests, then do we really believe we are His children? I hope you will ponder these questions. I am always open to hearing your thoughts. Reply to this email if you receive it that way or post your comment on our website or Facebook page.

Give yourself a chance to heal by involving Yahweh in the process. Good old fashion prayer is always applicable, and I invite you to leave your prayer request on our website too. We have a team of pray-ers. Don’t, however, neglect having your pastor anoint you with oil and pray for you. Don’t delay in going to the doctor. Mostly, though, do not fail to talk with the Father about your situation. Expect Him to impart wisdom to you. And, I shouldn’t leave out, pay attention to your dreams as you seek Him about your health. He may well speak to your heart and mind while you sleep.

In Jesus’ name, be healed!

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