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John 9: 25

The man responded, “I don’t know if he’s a sinner or not. But I do know one thing. I used to be blind, but now I can see.”

Jesus healed a blind man. Of course, the Pharisees’ response was to scoff at them both, even accusing Jesus of being a sinner. “Well,” said the blind man, “that may or may not be but this I know, he healed me.” Of course, that was a paraphrase the point being, the blind man, now the seeing man, was not interested in the Pharisees’ theology or judgments. He was interested in the reality of having been blind from birth but given his sight by Jesus. That is the fruit of God’s theology, setting people free.

In this story, the man was literally blind, but it can be equally applied to all who are figuratively blind for which we all qualify at one time or another. Sometimes we are blind to a certain issue or person, but it doesn’t matter because Jesus came to give us sight in every aspect of life.

This is part of Jesus’ lordship. He intends to have an active role in our lives, daily. One function of his role is to lead us into increasing knowledge, awareness and revelation. He does not intend that being Lord means that he sits upon a throne and awaits servants who will bow and kowtow. He doesn’t need or want that. It isn’t all about worship. That may sound outlandish to you. We are to worship our Lord, sure, but not because he is a weak self-esteemed ego maniac. He doesn’t need our worship. We do. And it is just and proper for he has certainly earned much praise. What he longs for, though, is the day by day partnership. Every time something blinds you, he wants to step in right then and remove the shingles. He cannot though. He is bound by your will so he must await an invitation. He will attempt to speak to you, but he will not invade your space. He is not allowed and wouldn’t violate it under any circumstance.

We have to redefine the idea of Jesus’ lordship in our generation. The story of the former blind man shows us he way. We needn’t be hung up on theology or religion. All that is needful is a simple request. Lord, show me my blind side. Enlighten me and lead me daily as my lord and best friend. Amen.

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