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Psalm 100: 4

Enter His gates with thanksgiving And His courts with praise. Give thanks to Him, bless His name.

What would you like to say to Father if you could sit with Him face to face?  Does today’s verse capture the essence of your sentiment?

We are far enough removed from the harvest that we don’t experience the relief and exaltation of having a crop come in.  That is, however, what this holiday is intended to embody.  Though it is a time for family and festivities, it is ultimately the one day of the year, above all others, that we are meant to pause and give thanks.  Mom might have gone to the market and bought the food and cooked it but our heavenly Father is truly the source of all of our bounty.  Praise the Lord that we have money to buy food!  Give thanks for friends and family with whom to share God’s blessings.

I give thanks to my God for you as well.  You carry the torch of God’s light and you keep me going with your faithfulness.  I pray, in the name of my Lord and savior, that you will be blessed and touched with his beautiful grace this Thanksgiving Day!

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