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Psalm 86: 17             GW

Grant me some proof of your goodness so that those who hate me may see it and be put to shame.

The psalmist wanted God to give him a sign that everyone could see, a sign of God’s affection. Essentially, he wanted evidence that he was favored by God so that his enemies would ashamed that they had attacked the child of God.

Sometimes I think a similar way. I pray the blessing of the Lord will show on us so that all people will see it and know that Yahweh is God, the one and only true God. Then, all the world might come to know the love of God through the lives of his disciples.

A friend of mine remarked the other day about how people do things for me. Really, I think she was just amazed at the kindness others show especially in that it seems unearned. She has seen a number of blessings rain down in my life but a recent one took the cake, I guess. Just this week, one of the other bike captains offered to make bike racks for me. I would have been happy with a picture of his. I was overwhelmed when he offered to build some for our team. I was overwhelmed by his and his wife’s kindness towards me and our team.

So, what is this gracious act a testament to? Is it a sign of my persuasiveness? No, because I didn’t ask and wouldn’t have ever thought to. Is it a testament to their kindness? No doubt! You can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. They are great folks. But, there is a greater force at work here. God has given me favor. His blessing on my life interacts with the goodness in these folks to create a God moment. These great things happen in my life because God is good.

The second half of this occurrence is that the people building the racks will be blessed for having blessed our team. God promised me that whoever blesses me will, themselves, be blessed by Him (Genesis 12: 3). The other side of that coin is that those who curse me will themselves be cursed. Well, how could they not. We sow what we reap. That is another reason I have wanted a sign on me though, almost as a warning. “Don’t be mean to me because it will rebound on to you.”

People should really get a clue. When you bless God’s kids, you get blessed. When you curse them, you have the curse on you. More than anything, though, I wish that people would see the “luck” I have and understand that it is God’s hand on me. It is His blessing working in my life and it will work for everyone. He is the source of goodness. I am just lucky that He loves me.

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