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Psalm 94: 14

For the lord will not abandon His people, nor will He forsake His inheritance.

This verse does not need a lot illumination. It is understandable on its face. It is some good news though and that we need a lot of right about now. Also, this is a verse which may be easy to share with others. It is simple and straight to the point.

Probably the best use of this verse is as a confidence builder. I am reminded of medicines you take by holding them under your tongue until they dissolve. This verse is like that. We might hold this in our hearts until it becomes a part of our chemistry. If we simply swallow this pill, it will only impact our minds for a small time. In order for it to be effective and to change our situation, we must ingest it slowly and deliberately. Holding a pill under your tongue until it dissolves is not as easy, not as simple as just swallowing it but in this case, it is far more effective and that is what we are after.

This is a time for transformation for the church and for us individually. We could look back at these troubling times and see how we followed God and became stronger personally and corporately. We will accomplish that and become a healthier church if we will take our medicine daily. Mediate on this scripture until you are convinced, in your spirit, that our God has neither forsaken nor abandoned us. Meditate on it until you are strong enough to share it with others.

Bless you.

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