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Exodus 24: 7

Then he (Moses) took the book of the covenant and read it in the hearing of the people; and they said, “All that the Lord has spoken we will do, and we will be obedient!’

We know that the Israelites did not always do everything as God directed. In addition, they often complained bitterly to Moses. And yet, they did have the best intentions at this point in time. Is this like many of us? We have the very best of intentions but somehow, we get off track. Then we need a reminder so that we can renew our conviction. The quote in the above message is really strong and it would be great if we would all live up to it all of the time but sometimes we do lose our way.

What was the last thing that God told you to do? Are you doing it or did you get side tracked along the way? Renew yourself to doing all that God has directed. This, of course, includes all that we see in His Word. As you will notice, Moses read to the people the words that God had given him. We have those words and more. You cannot do all that God has spoken if you aren’t spending some time in the word finding out what he has said. Re-commit yourself today just like it is January 1st again. Every day you get the chance to start over, so take advantage of it. Commit yourself to reading His Word and doing all you find there. Let the Holy Spirit guide you. Let Him show you passages you need for your life and journey and then declare that you will do all He said and be obedient.

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