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Acts 6: 4

But we will devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the word.

At the beginning of the year many ministers seek the Lord for a word about what the new year will hold for believers. Some of you may have noticed that I was quiet on the topic this year. The reason was that I did not seek the Lord on the subject, I rarely do, but He often speaks something to me. I didn’t feel like I had heard Him this year, but now I am certain that I did, and have.

I actually had the sense on January 17th that many of us were being called into a deeper prayer life (See the Word of the Day for January 17th). Coupled with that is a Word of the Day from December 20th, 2019. That was when I first began to talk about the new year. Now two months of the new year are behind us and I have a very clear idea about what God is saying to us about this year. We are called to prayer: to deeper prayer, different prayer and more prayer. He wants to change the way we have prayed in the past, add to it or maybe deepen it but there is definitely a call to prayer for this year and this call is to every one of the saints. I thought initially that it might be to just some of us. As I have pondered Lent and meditated on other topics the same answer keeps arising, “Pray.”

Each of us must approach God for ourselves and ask what He wants for us individually. Some of you have already told me you are being encouraged to spend more time in prayer. Others, it’s about the depth of prayer. For me, the Father wants me spending more of my prayer time in tongues. So, you see, it is not one size fits all. You cannot go wrong with any of those options, but it is best if you ask the Father what He has in mind specifically for you.

I am convinced, though, that this is the Year of Prayer and each of us are being called to prayer. Lives change, circumstances are altered, and revival is ushered in by prayer. We will be adding more members to our prayer team too. If God is calling you to help us by praying over the prayer requests we receive, then please connect with me by simply replying to this devotion or emailing me directly. Be blessed!

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