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As this situation wears on, it is easy to grow weary, even for people of faith.  However, we are a body, united to stand against any foe.  And, we are standing.  Christians all over the world are praying more and stronger than ever.  Bible studies go on via videoconferencing and teleconferening.  Wisdom may require that we not congregate in person right now, but we are together in the Spirit, God’s Holy Spirit being the medium through which we are united.  The Spirit is able to be with you and in you right now even while he is in me and with me.  For those of you who are sensitive, you may even  feel that movement and unity in the Spirit.

There will be good which comes from this crisis.  I pray that many of us will move into a deeper relationship with our Father, one which continues to move forward and deeper.  I pray that, as a body, in the days to come, we remember what is so important to us now.  Politics and denominational lines have taken a backseat to faith, prayer and, above all, love.  Our hearts have grown more caring and sensitive to the needs and sufferings of others and I can only imagine how much that pleases the Father.

Ivey Ministries is pressing in with prayer and faith.  The prayer team has grown and I am so proud of them.  They are a dedicated group of people who pour out their hearts and energy in faith for people they don’t know.  Our biggest need and desire for the prayer team is for more prayer requests.  We like having a large demand put on us.  Secondly, we have capacity for more team members if anyone would like to join us.

We are adding new resources to the website, answering questions and supporting people all over the world, literally.  Please visit our website,, to see the two visions the Lord, has given me, and to leave prayer requests.  You can also access the “Ask Ivey” section and leave me a question or read questions and responses other people have posted.  We are also adding a link on the home page to an excellent article on EFT, a simple and effective technique for dealing with stress and anxiety.  You will be able to share that article with all your friends or send them to our home page where they can access the articile and peruse other content as well.

We certainly appreciate you, our friends.  You are very important to this ministry and to me.  Though separated, we are united.  I invite your comments, messages and questions.  Though physically separated, we need not be isolated, and I need you as much as you need others right now.

Last, if there is any need or niche you think this ministry could or should fill for you and others, let us know.  We want to be here for you in a meaningful way.

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