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Matthew 12: 7

But if you had known what this means, ‘I desire compassion, and not a sacrifice,’ you would not have condemned the innocent.

Many of you know my background but for those who do not, I was a Political Science major in college. After college I went to law school and got my Juris Doctor degree. I was known in college for my conservative views and argued for small government which should be administered as closely to the people as possible, civil liberties, and privacy. I lean towards the writings of John Locke and away from Thomas Hobbes. I tell you this so that you will appreciate that communism is not a governmental model that I believe best meets the needs of its people nor does it guard individual liberty and privacy. This is where I come from, a conservative libertarian. The best government is one which least affects my life.

I have also believed that God chooses republican forms of government for us where individuals selected by the people administrate government on our behalf. For a long time now, my philosophical, religious and political views have lived in harmony. Imagine my surprise when I recently understood Father to teach me that He is not wedded to a form of government. He loves people, all people.

As this current crisis wears on, I watch as forms of government affect health care responses. I watch as people around the world struggle to balance freedom and their social conscious. Governments don’t necessarily represent the thoughts and concerns of individuals. Nor do the messages of those governments necessarily reflect the thoughts of the public. As I pondered all the questions of my mind in regard to governmental forms and power responding to a health care crisis, Jesus spoke to me. Please understand, it has taken me a while to grasp where he is leading me, and I am not sure I have it all yet.

Compassion – that is the theme of Jesus’ message to me. I have heard that word and wrestled with it for weeks. I find that Jesus’ compassion knows no political borders. Wherever people are suffering he is there. I found myself less concerned about communism than about the people dying in communist countries. Further, I am supposed to care about and pray for people regardless of their political affiliation or their country of residence. I cannot pray against China nor judge and criticize them. Now how do I reconcile my beliefs? Still, I am happy to find a change has occurred in me. I am so happy for nations who have fared well, but literally mourn over losses even in communist China. I absolutely feel compassion for China. No matter what the rhetoric, no matter what the failings, I keep coming back to Chinese people are dying too and I think, it doesn’t matter if you are communist or live in a democratic republic if it is your parent dying. Political choices make no difference to a person who cannot go see their loved one who is dying in a quarantined space. Compassion – that is the message.

We will have an opportunity to ask ourselves what changed in our lives during this historic time. I will say, “Never have I been more compassionate in my life. Never has the tenderness of God’s love so affected me such that I would eschew my political beliefs in favor of humanitarian sympathy.” I cannot tell you how surprised I am about this when the word “humanitarian” used to make me think, “Here comes some bleeding heart, liberal tripe.” In fact, I am embarrassed to know I thought that way. I hope, when this is all done and dusted, I will find I have grown personally and professionally. I hope my liberal friends will be able to tolerate me more and that my conservative friends will love the strength I have found in caring about others.

I believe we don’t win unless every country on the planet wins. I think if I cannot pray for China, Russia, and North Korea, I haven’t learned the lesson Jesus has brought me to. And I pray, that at the end of all this, he will be able to say to me, “Well done good and faithful servant.” This has been challenging for every one of us and don’t doubt it, but we can come through it personally stronger and improved.

I pray for you, my beloved. Though I don’t know each of your personal stories, I do know you are not getting to do some of the things you are accustomed to, you are not getting to travel, even see your family perhaps. Some of you have been sick, scared, angry, politicized, apathetic, and so on. Collectively we have run the gamut of human emotion and I know it has been hard on everyone. I am praying, compassionately, over you today, not in judgment or condemnation, but rather that you would find everything you need and that our Father will not only meet those needs but embrace you in His uncompromising love. Be blessed!

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