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Psalm 99: 4                  NLT

Mighty King, lover of justice, you have established fairness. You have acted with justice and righteousness throughout Israel.

Our God is a God of justice and righteousness, but it must also be noted that He is a God of fairness. Fairness is one of those ideals that gets a bit lost sometimes. Some people say life isn’t meant to be fair. I disagree whole heartedly. Children have a basic sense of fairness. It is one of their measures of life. For some completely bizarre reason, as we grow up, we abandon the idea of fairness. Well, I say we should not and my evidence for this is that our Dad is fair. He upholds the ideal of fairness so I shall too.

One point which is of some interest in this verse is that fairness is paired with justice. Can you be a just God and at the same time fair. Better yet, can one be just if they are not fair? In today’s verse, justice, righteousness and fairness go hand in hand. It is good to know that God regards these things together. It certainly gives one a sense of ease knowing that His judgements are always fair.

The mighty and the powerful do not have to be fair. They have power. That may be one reason people think God is a harsh judge. They judge Him by a human measure. Some part of our inner self believes that because He is so powerful, He is also harsh. Nope! God is love and He loves justice, truth and even fairness. So, the next time you are in a position to dispense justice, let fairness be your guide.

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